Glasurit Paint

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923-109 HS UV Klarlack (923-109)
Clear for 2 coat paintwork (wet-on-wet procedure) for 55-, 90-Line basecoat/ clearcoat systems. No elastifier additive needed for flexible parts. Excellent resistance to weathering and yellowing with very good gloss, hardness and holdout. 5 Liter size 2:1 Mixing Ratio Hardeners: FAST 929-91, MEDIUM 929-93, SLOW 929-94
Glasurit 923-109
Normal Speed 90-Series Hardener (929-93)
90-Series hardener for temperature range: 68°F/20°C to 86°F/30°C
923-460 (923-460)
2 component clear for topcoating Glasurit basecoat colors. Excellent resistance to weathering and yellowing. Excellent flow, leveling and sag resistance. High gloss.
Multi-Purpose Gloss Clear
Glasurit Reusable Spray Suit (AD7470)
Glasurit Paint Spray Suit. Blue Poly
Blue Spray Suit
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