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923-109 HS UV Klarlack (923-109)
Clear for 2 coat paintwork (wet-on-wet procedure) for 55-, 90-Line basecoat/ clearcoat systems. No elastifier additive needed for flexible parts. Excellent resistance to weathering and yellowing with very good gloss, hardness and holdout. 5 Liter size 2:1 Mixing Ratio Hardeners: FAST 929-91, MEDIUM 929-93, SLOW 929-94
Glasurit 923-109
LC4000 Clearcoat (LC4000)
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  • Publication Date: December 7, 2012
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1K ready to spray phosphoric acid ester formula promotes paint adhesion to difficult substrates, like galvanized steel and aluminum. Ideal for rub throughs in primer prior to application of color and on new bare metal panels. Substrates: Bare metal, aluminum and galvanized, GRP, SMC, fiberglass, polyester filler, OEM surfaces
Rapid System Primer with unique new Rapid Cure Technology cures in a fraction of the time versus conventional primers. Ready to sand in less than 1 hour, it’s easy to use and features excellent hiding capabilities for a high quality uniform foundation prior to color coating. Fast air dry finish saves time and energy costs Excellent coverage and easy sanding Only one hardener required for all climates and conditions, reducing your stock investment
Normal Speed 90-Series Hardener (929-93)
90-Series hardener for temperature range: 68°F/20°C to 86°F/30°C
4:1 High Build Primer (2253)
Multipurpose primer offering the functionality of ‘3 products in 1’. Mix 4:1 for a primer filler, 4:1:1 for a primer surfacer or 4:1:2 for a primer sealer. Substrates: Bare metal, properly prepared aluminum and galvanized, GRP, SMC, fiberglass, polyester filler, OEM surfaces *Requires an acid etch primer, like ACID#8™
Universal Clearcoat (2882)
UP2881 / UP2882 is a U.V. resistant high build finish with excellent gloss retention. Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. Easy to apply and quick drying. Can be used for spot, panel or overall repairs. Air dry, low bake or I.R. cure. Excellent flow and non-sag properties. Easy to sand and polish.
U-Pol 2882
RAPTOR Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer is a 2K high performance primer specifically designed to be used under RAPTOR Protective Coating to further extend the protective and anti-corrosive properties of RAPTOR. The advanced resin technology in RAPTOR Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer improves adhesion to bare metal and most other prepared surfaces, and promotes intercoat performance to further extend the life of RAPTOR protective coating. It contains a blend of anti-corrosive additives to inhibit rust and corrosion and offers excellent salt spray resistance.
  • Can be applied directly over surface rust
  • Can be applied wet on wet
  • 1L covers approximately 60 sq feet at 3 MIL
  • Salt spray resistance test completed at >1000 hours according to ASTM B117 at an independent laboratory
Copper Weld-thru Primer (91001)
A high adhesion, super conductive, fast drying primer offering excellent corrosion protection when applied to panels prior to welding. High concentration of copper in film
weld-thru primer - copper
923-460 (923-460)
2 component clear for topcoating Glasurit basecoat colors. Excellent resistance to weathering and yellowing. Excellent flow, leveling and sag resistance. High gloss.
Multi-Purpose Gloss Clear
352-740 (352-740)
Low VOC reducer that is designed to work best in a tropical climate
High Humidity and Temp
352-216 (352-216)
Slow Reducer best for 90+
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